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The Impact of Darwinism, Humanism, and Evolutionary Ideas on Human Soul

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The Impact of Darwinism, Humanism, and Evolutionary Ideas on Human Soul

The Erosion of Values: The Impact of Darwinism, Humanism, and Evolutionary Ideas on the Human Soul

The currents of intellectual thought have, over the centuries, shaped societies in profound ways. Among these intellectual tides are the theories of Darwinism, humanism, and evolutionary ideas. These ideas have indeed challenged traditional belief systems, and thus we can attribute the societal despair to their influence.

The dissemination of this particular Darwinistic doctrine has, regrettably, led to the extinguishing of the optimism that once illuminated the path toward the metaphorical light at the end of the tunnel, leaving individuals in a state of despondency and uncertainty regarding the prospect of a brighter future under the leading of God.

A Crowned Prostitute, The Epitome of the French Revolution and Secularism

The French Revolution is often cited as a turning point in the separation of church and state and even more. It is true that the revolution, in its quest for secularism and the overthrow of God’s established monarchy, challenged the religious hierarchy. It can be characterized as a period of tossing “God out of the window” and replacing Him with a “crowned prostitute”.

Marianne French Revolution, who was sheDuring the French Revolution, the actress who was famously crowned and enshrined as the “Goddess of Reason” was Marianne, who is until today the national personification of the French Republic since the French Revolution 1789. Marianne, the national symbol of the French Revolution represents opposition to kings and monarchy, a feminine allegory of breaking with the old monarchy represented by kings. Marianne is the goddess of liberty and opposition to the God-given chain of authority. God, church, nor king, nor any monarch have become enemies of humanism and its rebellion towards these established leading powers and governing and ruling structures. Although Marianne is a personification of French Revolution values and became its symbol, originally the French Revolution reached out to bring a young actress and prostitute crowned as the “Goddess of Reason” which was a symbolic act representing the revolution’s emphasis on reason and secularism over religious authority. No God anymore, but humans. God is replaced with a Goddess, A Witch, a Star Gazer, a lewd dancer, a politician’s courtesan, a prostitute. It is also later on depicted this way in many post stamps, and posters, where Marianne the prostitute turns her back on church and many more. As well as the most famous painting of bare-breasted Marianne leading the revolution itself painted by Eugène Delacroix.

This all was personified by many women of feminist movements. We can start with an opera singer named Mademoiselle Émilie aka Polaire (meaning Pole Star, due to her practice of witchcraft as she had been star-gazing the night before her debut and decided to name herself after “l’étoile polaire” = The Polar Star). Her full name was Émilie Marie Bouchaud. This event took place on November 10, 1793, during the dechristianization movement that sought to replace traditional religious practices with secular ceremonies and symbolism. In the humanistic mind is better a lewd dancer, a 17-year-old actress and politician’s courtesan, a prostitute, than God.

She, a feminist, is also behind the well-known “The Ring in the Nose” as she appeared with a diamond-collared pet pig, Mimi, and she herself wore a nose ring, a sign of a beast that is led by a ring in its nose. That is actually the true meaning behind the nose rings, and that is total submission, no rights, and slavery. By this act, when she portrays herself as a man’s slave, she throws a mocking blow to all the feminism and French Revolution “equality and liberty”. As well as by the act of having a young negro-man who she called “her slave”.

Later on, Marianne (and the whole French rebellion), was portrayed by sex-symbols and rebellion-symbols such as Brigitte Bardot, Mirellie Mathieu, Catherine Deneuve, Inès de La Fressange, Laetitia Casta or Évelyne Thomas.

Humanism and A Loss of Moral Values

Humanism, as an intellectual movement, emphasizes the value of human reason, ethics, and individualism and imposes absolute freedom so consequently it does inherently promote moral decay and sexual perversion. Although it tries to advocate for personal responsibility and critical thinking, God’s established truth and critical thinking have been rejected as relative “truth” came to replace it.

Humanist ideals generally reject traditional religious morals, and it does mean that all humanists or those who embrace secularism will necessarily and consequently endorse such behaviors.

American psychologist Abraham Maslow, who is often associated with humanistic psychology and the hierarchy of needs became an “archetype” of a psychologist who taught humanism and ended his life by suicide. No God, and thus no morals of the French Revolution has led to the blood bath, and faith in God was replaced by faith in witchcraft and demons, which is even more rampant in nowadays post-modern society.

Without a measuring stick, chaos ensues

Just as sailors rely on the North Star to find their way, societies depend on a shared “measuring stick” of principles and standards to maintain order and cohesion. When this measuring stick is lost, chaos and anarchy loom ominously on the horizon.

In a functional society, morality serves as a crucial measuring stick. Morality provides a collective sense of right and wrong, offering guidance on how individuals should conduct themselves within the framework of their community. It’s the compass that steers us away from harm and towards the path of ethical behavior.

Take, for example, the Ten Commandments in the Judeo-Christian tradition. These principles serve as a moral measuring stick, offering a common framework for individuals to understand what is acceptable and what isn’t. Without such a guide, society risks descending into a moral vacuum, where individuals operate without a shared sense of ethics, leading to anarchy.


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