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What is a crisis?

Defining crisis.

Psychology oftentimes deals with crisis. But the question is what is a crisis? We should know what a crisis is in order to be able to handle it and deal with it. And to be able to help others, let’s define it for ourselves.
Somebody once said and defined a crisis like this:


When our personal resources are insufficient
to cope with the problem and we find ourselves
at a loss regarding how to deal with the situation.


And I would add, that it is also a matter of perception. Basically said in simple language it means: “This is too much for me to handle.” It then produces the “freaking out” or “panic attack” and logic is lost due to tremendous fear or pain. “It’s just over my head” situation we could say.

Perception of the crisis.

Now, perception is playing a big role in it all. What is “the end” for somebody can be a “daily bread” for others. The first one can not cope with the fact that he is coming 5 minutes late for a meeting. The second person comes 5 minutes late all the time.

Averting the crisis.

It’s all affected by gazillions miniature details that form our soul. Starting from the morals of our upbringing to experiences from our childhood and adulthood and literally through all seasons of our developmental stages. This all makes “the mixtures of the cocktails of life” impenetrable to the human mind. So the problem-solving approach does not have to go down deep into psychoanalysis to serve the cure, but a simplistic heart-warming friendly approach with a nudge of understanding can heal when served with love. When we know we are loved and taken care of, it makes the difference.


Despite the fact that the situation itself may not differ from what it was in the beginning. The crisis can be averted even without changing the problem, or without offering a problem-solving solution. It can be averted just by a simple reminder of someone’s value. Keep in mind, that “simple” may mean “powerful”. Sometimes the “little” can mean the whole world, and that in both, negative or positive sense.