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Unveiling the Shadows in Exploring the Causes of Depression

The Causes of Depression: Unveiling the Shadows and Exploring Depression Depression, a pervasive and insidious mental health condition, casts a long shadow over the lives of millions worldwide. While this article embarks on a comprehensive journey into the labyrinth of depression’s causes, it unveils the intricate interplay of psychological, emotional, and societal factors that contribute … Read more

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Evolution of Views on Homosexuality in Psychology: A Historical Perspective

Introduction: Throughout history, human sexuality, including homosexuality, has been a topic of great interest and controversy. The perception of homosexuality has undergone significant shifts, shaped by cultural, religious, and scientific beliefs. This article delves into the historical evolution of views on homosexuality within the field of psychology, highlighting how understanding and acceptance have evolved over … Read more

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Depression is sin, depression as sin

Depression as sin

Is depression a sin? Depression as a result of sin, or is it sin? In a previous article, called IS MY DEPRESSION A RESULT OF SIN? we have written about depression as a possible result of sin. And in certain cases, it is so. We do not deny, that there is a so-called bonified depression, … Read more

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