Who is your PSYC doctor? Psychology.

Why should you know who is your PSY doctor?

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Ok, you have admitted you need help and what’s next?

Now You Are In.

Yes, maybe you are in trouble. Yeah, maybe your situation is too much for you to handle. And yes, maybe you truly need medical advice, but do you know who is your doctor?

Well, imagine you start a session and you truly successfully make, in psychological terms, the “joining” with your doctor. Meaning you find trust in him and start to open up with your detailed delicate psychological problems to him. And you hope for a good outcome. You hope for help from him, that’s actually the reason why you have come with your trust to him, right?

Your problems are unfortunately his problems too.

Unfortunately, your PSY Doctor, who is presently taking care of your soul, is not flawless. And you might not discover the following latent hidden secrets pertaining to his life. Little did you know, that your problem of infidelity, that you need help with, is his daily bread in his real private life. Down deep in his soul he is condoning your behaviour because he is the same, and even worse. Although he himself is married, he is keeping relations with two of his women patients at the same time(1). And this man is supposed to help you with your problem?

He doesn’t even teach what he was taught in schools, he rejects the whole concept of psychoanalysis and develops his own archetypical approach, which is his own invention and has not been proven nor tested (1). To enhance his mind he is addicted to the use of cocaine and cocaine is also his medicament that he prescribes for depression, recommending medical applications, including its use as an antidepressant (2).  He also believes in the magic of psychedelic drugs, and even he himself makes experiments with LSD and mescaline. He believed they open a gateway to the mystical or unconscious mind, that is otherwise inaccessible under normal conditions (1).

“It is a fact that you get certain perceptions and experiences of things appearing either in mystical states or in the analysis of unconscious phenomena. – Karl Gustav Jung”

Big disunity, as your problem for some, is not a problem at all, while for others it is.

Your inclination to lesbianism will be defined as latent immaturity that you need to grow out of it. Instead, it should be defined as perversion, that you need to confess and abandon. It is based on his teachings, that everyone has in himself both male and female part, that he is attracted to. In his writings, it is referred to as anima (a man’s suppressed female self) and animus (a woman’s suppressed male self). The first half of the twentieth century defines homosexuality as a perversion, which nowadays psychology denies and redefines. Your doctor will give you a totally different opinion about this subject than his colleague next door. So they will not help you on this either.

As you reveal your doctor your schizophrenias, he will try to help you, and yet, he will not tell you, that he himself sees visions and hears voices (1). Also, he might be open to trying “new” methods such a using a medium in a new parapsychological approach, because of believes that they might bring up some hidden truth. Maybe he will revert and dismiss your suicidal tendencies, but he himself will commit suicide as he could not cope with it anymore (3).

Relativity of opinions.

And with a little bit of sarcasm, I hope that such a doctor will give you good advice.

Well, this little presentation and look into the reality of psychology is to open up our minds a little bit. It is to make us re-think our trust in modern medicine. Namely in the medical branch called psychology.


Ref: (1) – Karl Gustav Jung, (2) – Sigmund Freud, (3) – Max Kahane