Faith and psychology

Your problem is your belief in the supernatural. Modern psychology doesn’t believe in God, angels nor demons.

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Your belief in supernatural

Do you and your doctor believe in God?

There is a very thin line between invisible reality and imagination. Even modern psychology agrees, that faith helps people. But does modern psychology recognize the existence of God and the supernatural? They will let you have your faith in your God as long as they see it is of help and not destructive. But do they really believe in his existence? No, they don’t. And that’s another problem of the modern secular world which places humanity into the centre of this world, instead of God.

Faith as a crutch

Religion is seen as a weakness. It is seen as a crutch. It is seen as a mental escape from reality, instead of connecting with invisible supernatural reality. Freudian psychology strongly denies all supernatural and with its anti-religious militant approach understands anything religious as psychosis or so. Freud himself was also a strong follower of Nietsche.

Jungian psychology on the other hand admits the existence of God.

Freudian view

Modern psychology in this sense is Freudian. Your beliefs will not be mocked nor suppressed but will be seen as an “escape zone”. It will be a sign of the immaturity of yourself, and not as a discovery of heavenly reality. The vast majority of the world believe in the supernatural, yet your PSY doctors will deny it. They will not believe you that you had a dream from God and will connect it to your childhood memories using psychoanalysis and interpretation of dreams. They will not believe your “born again” experience and it will be seen as psychotic or hallucinogenic.

Your anamnesis is based on doctors faith

If, while having a therapy session with your doctor, you tell him you talk to God, he will be prone to place you in a mental institution. For him, you will be seriously mentally sick. Now, if your doctor is a born-again Christian, then he will say “Amen” and tell you that you are perfectly ok.

Witness of statistics

Scores of people say they hear voices. So many people claim they hear demons who tell them what to do. And nobody believes them. It is concluded as a mental disorder or disease, and not as a real fact. Yes, some people need medical help in this area, but others should be believed to. Using simple statistics, literally the whole world believes in God. It’s about 85% of the world population are believers in some kind of sort, and yet the 15,58% of people claim there is no God and your encounters with the other world are pure fantasy. 15,58% of people are those who want to heal the 85% of believers. Here is a simple table in numbers.

Size of major religious groups, 2020[1]
Religion Percent
Folk religions
Other religions


It means that if you take 10 people, 8,5 half of them will claim there is a God and only 1,5 will say he doesn’t exist. It’s 85 out of a hundred against 15. Yet, the secular educated world sticks with the unbelievers in the field of modern psychology. The whole world’s witness is evident, yet not generally accepted.

The truth

It is very interesting that you are not believed to. You are not believed to what you have witnessed. Then how they can heal you, if they do not accept your witness? Your testimony of the supernatural is considered only as psychological mental think, instead of true reality. Consequently, their healing methods are lacking, they are false and can in no way bring mental freedom and true healing.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)

The truth may not be comfortable to some ears, but it is the only way to healing. Avoiding truth or denying it brings more damage to the human soul than anything else. Think about it, that in this case, the one whose eyes are still blind is trying to heal the one, who has already perceived. Yes, there is God. Without true faith, you can not see and make the right judgements, because by faith we understand…