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The Primary Need to Share, to Be Listened to and to Be Heard

Virtually every human is more or less attracted to psychology. And why is so? Because we all have a soul and sometimes our soul cleaves to the dust. It’s heavy, weary, worried, frightened, sad, insecure, unhappy and in need to pour out all that is in it. But where do you go for help to? This need was here from before the ancient times and people were looking for relief in so many different places you can imagine. This could be defined as our primary need for social interaction, or more for an open ear that would listen to us.

A Willow

Willow is a legendary tree that promises to understand you. Its long down-hanging branches are quietly nodding to your words as you share with it your deepest secrets of afflicted unrequited love. The willow will not tell your secrets to others and can be most trusted. Willow sessions are among the oldest psychological sessions in human history. This practice has been recorded in many folk traditions among Slavic village people.  Every “fairy tale” has some truth in it and if you can read well between the lines you may find behavioral human psychology in the stories of old.

A Rock

Another that you can share your secrets with is a rock or a mountain. The rock can keep your secret which you can not keep anymore. The rock is unmoveable, impenetrable and no one can get into the heart of the rock to steal what was whispered to it. Folk legends tell us that only once a year the rock opens and gives out its secrets. The stories speak about silver and gold, pearls, rubies, diamond and other precious metals and stones. Although these precious metals and stones are meant in the folk stories, the real analogy is to golden secrets and pearls of wisdom that thas been shared with the rock. Knowledge, to know something about something, or even about somebody is a real treasure, even nowadays. Even the oldest piece of literature speaks of a Rock as a hiding place (which is Christ), where you go and pour out all that’s on your heart.

A Diary

Another form of sharing your deepest secrets is a diary. 10-century Japanese women use to write a diary in a form of a “pillow book” because the practice was to hide them in or under the pillow, to keep your diary moments in secret. A piece of literature is often reflecting the author’s deep wishes, which he can now live on the pages of his story without any restrictions or fear of being judged and condemned. It is literature that is open to the public and thus considered only as a storytelling attempt. But underneath is a secret personal confession line, that remains hidden.

A Friend, A Pet

The lowest and base instinctive form of confession is to speak to a pet. A pet does not talk back to you and listens to you as your faithful friend. Also, you can be sure it will not tell your secret to anyone. A friend on the other hand is someone who can express his feelings together with you but must be very trusted. The danger of betrayal is always at stake in this case but is outweighed for the sake of social interaction and advice. Also, you can heap up to yourselves advisors that will tickle your ear and by doing that you get re-affirmed in your innocence. Subliminarily self-approvals seekers have tendencies to choose such a venue of comfort. That “hmm, hmm” and “Yes, yes” condoning comments on your behalf will do good to your damaged soul. But only temporarily as this is not a real solution to your problem.

A Way of Escape

For some, a way of comfort can be found in friends related social acceptance behaviour. You buy your dream Harley Davidson and pick up a young girl to ride with. To run away from a city. From your past. From your presence. You run away from yourself. You become a part of a motorcycle group that builds up your acceptance among others and that builds up your ego and your good feelings about yourself. Chambering is a sexual promiscuity behaviour that can be defined exactly the same way. You are on the hunt for social experiences and your craving for recognition results in a loose sexual activity. Unfortunately, it will result only in a bad aftertaste according to the old saying “Omne animal post coitum triste“, meaning that all creatures are sad after intercourse. Increased sexual activity and intercourse engagement will not bring satisfaction to the human soul. It is going to be found as “empty” after a while and will leave even more tears and scars on the human soul. Neither any other sublimation of whatsoever form will not bring fulfilment. Alcohol, drug (substance) abuse, social addiction are all of the same kind. Hurting the hurting even more.

Next Are PSY Doctors

Then you seek another help and you run to psychological counselling, where you open up your deepest thoughts of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind to your doctor. He is kinda like your friend or your pet or can serve very well as a willow or pillow diary. You can tell him things you did not dare to share with people around you, nor with your closest family, not even with your husband. These therapy sessions usually take years and make you a patient for life. So many people will return to mental institutions when facing a tragedy or stress. Instead of true healing, you are given a state help solution. A roof above your head. Warm meal 3x a day. Cosy blanket and hand full of pills to sleep.

Supernatural Ghosts

Sensitive souls with logical minds having usually high IQ tend to reject the falsehood of modern society. They discover they have been lied to and they perceive the existence of the supernatural world all around them. Now, they don’t even know how it happened and they find themselves telling their stories and wishes to a witch with a crystal ball. Can you call riches into my life? Can you make me a love potion to make this person love me? Can you tell me my fate? Tarot cards are on a table, palm reading is happening, mantras are being recited and mandalas are being drawn into the sand. A small breeze is slightly moving feathers that are hanging down from a ceiling and a candle flame is flickering at the words of a witch. This is totally another level of your confession. Now you are communicating with a medium and with the other world. The doors of perception are being opened through inhaling of poisonous vapours exactly as mystical Pythia. You just need to tell somebody and this is the most reasonable way right now for you because you have been hurt a lot. People cannot be trusted anymore for you, so you turn to spirits and to a witch.

Virtual World

Image a world where you can do anything and you can be anything. Your low self-esteem issues will be done with and your handicaps will not exist. The virtual PC world of virtual reality and games are like this. Old obese lazy fart is now a muscle man of steel running, jumping saving the world, although in real life he is not able to save his marriage which has been falling apart for a long time. But in this world he is happy. He is all he wants to be and he can do all he wants to do. In PC games you can travel the world and even the universe, you can build farms or castles, you can live your second life now the way you wish. Here, you can shoot demons or enemies. You can wage wars, kill people, make love and even loot and rape. Here you can realize your wildest dreams and you can let your inner beast run free. That’s what Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta verse will offer one day to everybody.  A place where you live a new life with a new wife (or even wives), you participate in wars, shoot, kill, rape…anything and everything that this present world does not allow you to do, here you are welcome to do.

Not Who You Want To Be, But Who You Are Meant To Be

Satisfaction and true fulfilment doesn’t come from feeding your hungry needs. The animal that you feed gets stronger and stronger and bigger and more demanding than before. Your soul will not get happy if you become who you want to be, but if you become who you are meant to be.

A horse that wants to become a fish will not be able to swim and will not find satisfaction in it. But if you teach him that he is a horse, he will find joy in gallop-running in wild nature. We are to teach people who they are meant to be. We need to find our design. Our purpose and our call. Humanity is generally lost and our makeup knows the one who created us – Our Creator. God defines how and why we have been made. In God, we find the One who hears us and who talks to us. Although some will say it doesn’t work, it’s the only way how to be truly happy, both now and also after in eternity.

Many there be which say of my soul, There is no help for him in God. But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head. I cried unto the LORD with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill. (Psalm 3:2-4)