Saturday, March 25, 2023


Get Radical Honesty today and let the truth set you free

Get Radical Honesty today and let the truth set you free

Dr. Brad Blanton, a psychotherapist and expert on stress management embraced a new way of self-expression. He, and his followers, claim to live better and more honest lives without any lies, even without white lies. Nevertheless, the problem of this book is that such a method is self-centred and ego-oriented and not people or environment-oriented. […]

I would love to study psychology

Your NEED to be heard

Faith and psychology

Your problem is your belief in the supernatural. Modern psychology doesn’t believe in God, angels nor demons.

Depression is sin, depression as sin

Depression as sin

depression as result of sin

Is my depression a result of sin?

Who is your PSYC doctor? Psychology.

Why should you know who is your PSY doctor?


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